A Thank-You and a Confession

” A man likes to believe that he is master of his soul. But as long as he is unable to control his moods and

An Announcement and a Request

I am honored to have been nominated by my publisher, Red Feather MBS, for a 2021 COVR-Award. Red Feather MBS is the Mind, Body, Spirit

The Power of Love Haiku

  The Power of Love   I felt it last night. Easter loosened close-packed earth, freed love to shine through.   Ice melted. Water flowed

Coming Home to your True, Pure Soul

My last two posts here and here, sparked a rich conversation with Deborah Gregory, a psychotherapist and poet who’s learning more about her masculine archetypes

Reviews of Two Books with Heart

I’ve done some resting and a lot of reading since The Soul’s Twins was released in November. Two books have been especially meaningful to me

Mining for Gold in the Darkness

  As a spiritual neophyte I believed (like everyone else I knew) that repressing my honest emotions, denying my disliked qualities, and generally pretending to


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