Two Birthday Gifts From Afar

I usually schedule a post to be published one minute after midnight every Tuesday morning. I’ve done that pretty consistently for thirteen years with the

Ego and God-Image: Part II

  “. . . man’s instinctive nature is divided between the instinct for self-preservation and the instinct for species-preservation.” Sigmund Freud “On Narcissism: An Introduction”,

Ego and God-Image: Part I

Obviously we do not know how the ego arose in man. We have certain myths showing how ancient man thought about this problem, and we

Mandorla Consciousness: Part II

There is a time for everything. The dualism that gave rise to our evolving ego and developing Christ potential has become our worst enemy: the anti- Christ. And as long as we repress unwanted parts of ourselves and project them onto others—whether these be our compulsive instincts, dangerous emotions, or frightening aspects of our masculine and feminine sides—we will struggle through the darkness of confusion and the world will be a dangerous place.

Mandorla Consciousness: Part I

      Note: Dear friends. This morning I learned that for some reason, very few subscribers to my blog received this post today, which

Mandorla Consciousness: Part I

At that time all mankind spoke a single language. As the population grew and spread eastward, a plain was discovered in the land of Babylon, and was soon thickly populated. The people who lived there began to talk about building a great city,with a temple-tower reaching to the skies—a proud, eternal monument to themselves.

Repression of Women and the Human Brain: Part II

“Beauty will save the world.” Dostoevsky In Part I of this series about neurosurgeon Dr. Leonard Shlain’s groundbreaking book, The Alphabet Versus the Goddess, I painted

Repression of Women and the Human Brain: Part I

One of the most eye-opening and consciousness-raising books I’ve ever read is the revolutionary The Alphabet Versus the Goddess by brain surgeon, Dr. Leonard Shlain. Shlain proposes

What Is A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

By Elizabeth Scott, PhD Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD Dear friends:  In a rare departure, I’d like to share this excellent, highly informative article

Following the Wisdom of Dreams

“The creative process has feminine quality, and the creative work arises from the unconscious depths—we might say from the realm of the mothers.”~ C.G. Jung,

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