Coming Home to Feminine Spirituality

I cannot overstate the importance of this dream. I knew “I” didn’t create it; it came from a profound source of wisdom deep within me. I think of this inner wisdom as Sophia, the Divine Mother.

Whispering Symbols: Dot and Circle

Both logos and mythos contribute to our spiritual development. Children use mythos thinking automatically. This is why they respond to life with spontaneity, enthusiasm, joy and wonder. But once the “masculine” phase of external striving begins, logos and the ego tend to dominate our thinking and spirituality and life begins to lose its savor.

The Feminine Symbolism of Vessels

Vessels accept, contain, protect and preserve the birth/death/rebirth cycle of life at both the physical and metaphysical levels. Our planet Earth is a living vessel whose life cycles mirror the soul-making processes of psychological and spiritual transformation.

Love that Is Willing to Roar

“When we don’t confront reality and the cruelties being inflicted by our societal shadows, we set ourselves up to pay a terrible price. If we

Famiglia: It’s All About Family

“It’s all about famiglia.” ~ Anthony Raffa Jr. This post is dedicated to my family and families everywhere. Anthony Raffa Sr. emigrated from Sicily to

A Bear Crossed My Path Today

“There comes a time in your life when the life you have been living is over and you have no clue who you are becoming.”~

Joy and Sorrow

” I have been in sorrow’s kitchen and licked out all the pots. Then I have stood on the peaky mountains wrapped in rainbows, with

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