Living and Learning To Love

After writing two posts a week for years, then one post a week, and now even less, the time has come to give more time

Season’s Blessings

            Wishing those of you in the northern hemisphere a Happy Winter Solstice. For my friends in the southern hemisphere,

The Power of Inner Work: Three Questions

“We have all experienced the destructive effects of the projections onto the feminine in Western societies. These projections trace their origins to the joining of

A Special Last-Minute Notice

The myth is the public dream and the dream is the private myth. If your private myth, your dream, happens to coincide with that of

My Season of Surrender

“Rebellious leaves going out in a blaze of glory, setting trees aflame in riotous color. Reluctant surrender to rumors of coming winter.” ~John Mark Green

The Never-Ending Dance

I too have suffered from despair since childhood. It began at the age of 11 when my father died. To this day there are many occasions in my daily life when I cannot get excited about something because I know it will not last and my pleasure will not last and I will die and nobody will care and nothing I have done will make any difference, and so what?

The Self: Our Portal to the Sacred Other

“[W]e must also remember the Self, this living force with us, wants to help us face our wounds and darkest moments and then—through hurt, fear,

What Did the Greek Caryatids Carry?

This is a follow-up from last week’s post titled Caryatids: Images of the Queen Archetype.  Deborah wondered what the Caryatids on the Maiden Porch of

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