The Self: Our Portal to the Sacred Other

“[W]e must also remember the Self, this living force with us, wants to help us face our wounds and darkest moments and then—through hurt, fear,

What Did the Greek Caryatids Carry?

This is a follow-up from last week’s post titled Caryatids: Images of the Queen Archetype.  Deborah wondered what the Caryatids on the Maiden Porch of

Remyth Your Story with Heart

“The vehicle of our right brain and much of our deeper Self is symbolized by what we often think of as “the heart”. Our symbolic

Ego and God-Image: Part IX

“The crux of the matter is man’s own dualism, to which he knows no answer. This abyss has suddenly yawned open before him with the

Ego and God-Image: Part VIII

“Anything conscious can be corrected. But anything that slips away into the unconscious is beyond the reach of correction and, its rank growth undisturbed, is

Ego and God-Image: Part VII

Intellectually the Self is no more than a psychological concept, a construct that serves to express an unknowable essence which we cannot grasp as such,

Ego and God-Image: Part VI

[T]he most important relationship of childhood, the relation to the mother, will be compensated by the mother archetype as soon as detachment from the childhood

Ego and God-Image: Part V

For a contented ego, all things big and small matter only with regard to their impact on me and whatever it is that matters to

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