The Soul’s Twins: A Video Interview

Last week Susan Scott, an author friend from South Africa, interviewed me about The Soul’s Twins. Most of you know Susan. She comments here often. She

A New Idea of Who We Are: Part III

If we could understand the inherent potential available to us we might learn how to systematically tap into it, which would vastly improve every area of our lives, from communication and self-knowledge, to our interaction with our material world.

A New Idea of Who We Are: Part II

What we call ‘genius’ may simply be a greater ability to access the Zero Point Field. In that sense, our intelligence, creativity and imagination are not locked in our brains but exist as an interaction with the Field.”

A New Idea of What We Are Part I

Note: I hope you enjoy this post from over four years ago. It feels like a good time to revisit these ideas. To paraphrase Terence

Does God Have a Gender?

When you make the two One, and when you make the inner as the outer and the outer as the inner, and the above as

What Does Mature Religion Look Like?

“Religion is supposed to teach us the way of love. Jesus even commanded it. Though I’m not sure that you really can order or demand

Do We Need Schools for Forty-Year-Olds?

“I write because… well, the best I can say for it is it’s a psychological quirk of mine developed in response to whatever personal failings


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