A New Idea of Who We Are: Part II


Unknown-1In Part I of this series I asked (1)What would a new idea of who we are look like? and (2)What difference could it make to our world crisis if enough of us become coherent [united] in a new idea of who we are? 

To answer these questions I summarized findings from recent research in quantum physics as reported in the first half of The Field, a book by Lynne McTaggart. Here’s my summary of the rest of the book along with some practical questions on which to reflect or do some research.

1.  The images and intentions of others can influence our dreams. McTaggart, p. 126 

Q: Can I hone my telepathic skills by comparing dreams with those closest to me to discover similarities? How could I use  telepathic skills to benefit others?

2. Ordinary humans have the ability to influence other living things on many levels:  muscle activity, motor activity, cellular changes, nervous system activity.

Q: Can I be more aware of my body and its language when I’m around people?

3. The influence seems to increase depending on how much it matters to the influencer, and how much s/he can relate to the object of influence. p. 133

Q. Can I monitor my body’s influence in times of conflict with loved ones to see if my awareness effects a positive change in our relationship? 

4. Several common characteristics to experiments in remote influence tended to more readily guarantee success:  relaxation techniques (through meditation, biofeedback or other methods); reduced sensory input or physical activity;  dreams or other internal states and feelings; and a reliance on right-brain functioning. p. 134

Q. What techniques can I practice the next time I want to remotely influence a positive outcome for someone I care about?

5. When the left brain is quieted and the right brain predominates, ordinary people can tap into a “deep well of alert receptivity” which brings a state of unity with the single object being focused upon.  p. 134

Q. How can I learn to quiet my left brain and open to my deep well of alert receptivity. Who or what do I want to focus on when I do that?

6. When two people ‘relax’ and attempt to establish some kind of deep connection, their brain patterns become highly synchronized, and the most ordered brain pattern always prevails, nudging the less organized recipient toward a greater degree of order. p. 137

Q. Who would I choose to establish a deeper connection with to develop a more ordered brain pattern?

7. Children are open to far more information in the Field than the average adult. p. 138

Q. How can I help the children I know understand when and how they receive information from the field?

8. Our natural state of being is a relationship — a constant state of one influencing the other. Just as the subatomic particles that compose us cannot be separated from the space and particles surrounding them, so living beings cannot be isolated from each other.” p. 138

Q. How can I enhance awareness of my connectedness with everything around me?

9. Tests conducted by the behaviorist Dr. William Broud suggested that a “living system of greater coherence could exchange information and create or restore coherence in a disordered, random chaotic system. The natural set of the living world appeared to be order — a drive toward greater coherence….By the act of observation and intention, we have the ability to extend a kind of super-radiance to the world.” pp. 138-9

Q. How can I train myself to observe everything with benevolent intention?

10. “…healing through intention is available to ordinary people, although the healers may be more experienced or naturally talented in tapping into the Field.”

Q. Is there someone whose healing I would like to effect through intention? What techniques can help me do that?

11. Illness could be a disturbance in the quantum fluctuations of an individual and healing might be a matter of reprogramming individual quantum fluctuations to operate more coherently. Illness could be isolation: a lack of connection with the collective health of the Field and the community. p. 194

Q. How can I connect with the collective health of the Field and my community the next time I’m ill?

12. Consciousness may live on after we die. p. 195

Q. What would I change about my life if I truly understood that?

13. Group consciousness, working through a medium such as the Zero Point Field, may be acting as the universal organizing factor in the cosmos.

Q. What practical steps am I led to take to influence group consciousness toward more organization and order? 

In summary, McTaggart writes:

“We have far more power than we realized, to heal ourselves, our loved ones, even our communities. Each of us [has] the ability  — and together a great collective power — to improve our lot in life. Our life, in every sense, [is] in our hands.” p. 226.

Next time: Implications for how we can help make a difference in the world. I invite you to add your thoughts.

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  1. Thank you so much Jeanie for sharing the second part two your article. The question you ask following the first statement, comparing one’s dreams with loved ones, caught not only my eye but interest because I hadn’t thought of that before! Can you say a little bit more? …

    Is this something you do with your husband? And would looking for similar dream themes or exploring the same people who populate dreams be the way to go? I write this because my wife and I both populate each other’s dreams often. All helpful hints gratefully received.

    “Consciousness may live on after we die.” This one stands out too, as for as long as I can remember, I’ve had what some call pre-birth memories. Weird, I know but true and how it affects my life, this life, is that it greatly reduces my fear of death. It constantly reminds me of the “we” and not the “I” as it was in my memories.

    Rich autumnal blessings, Deborah.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      How very interesting that you would ask me that question. I awoke this morning thinking about the exact same statement. I found myself wondering of what use honing one’s telepathic skills would be and how it could be potentially misused, like trying to manipulate someone in negative ways with your thoughts. So before I did anything else this morning I added a second question to this post as you will see if you re-read it: How could I use telepathic skills to be of benefit to others?

      I’ve seen synchronicities like this happen between myself and readers several times since I’ve been writing my blog, especially with Susan. So obviously we can have a telepathic connection with anyone we’ve met who’s on the same “wave length,” not just close loved ones. And not just through dreams….although I was trying to recall a dream this morning when those thoughts came to me. Given our time zone differences, you would have already been awake for a few hours when I awoke, so it makes me wonder if it was your curiosity about that statement that somehow impacted my thoughts as I was in that liminal stage between sleep and wakefulness.

      Yes, such things are common. Jeremy Taylor, a gifted dreamwork teacher, says he and his wife often have dreams featuring the exact same themes and images, which certainly points to an unconscious connection between them even if there’s no way to know which one influenced the other’s dream. Fred and I have occasionally had that happen too. And in waking life it’s extremely common for one of us to say something that just “popped” into our mind only to have the other say in surprise, “I was just thinking the exact same thing!” Of course, a lot of that is due to 50 plus years of shared experiences that trigger the same memories and associations. But it often feels like more than that. I’m convinced we have a very strong telepathic connection.

      So what are the implications? Well, for one thing, the awareness that we are profoundly connected in some unconscious way, at some quantum level that neither of us understands, brings me great comfort. Why couldn’t that connection continue after death? Or at a distance? And does it require a body and a brain for us to receive those messages? Are our brains really the generators of all our thoughts, or are they just the receptors and translators of messages that arrive from the quantum level of the One Mind? I mean radio waves are out there in the Field whether or not one actually turns on a radio to connect with them. So maybe all it really requires is for us to tap into the field of consciousness that’s all around us.

      I think it might be very fruitful for you and your wife to explore the same people, themes, symbols, and emotions in your dreams for several reasons. Talking these things over with her would create more understanding between the two of you and strengthen your relationship. At the same time it would expand your consciousness. It would also strengthen your connection with your Self, which I believe is your own personal radio. It would lead to greater self-knowledge and self-awareness. It would affirm your intuition and improve your ability to “hear” and trust it. In turn, your intuition, which I think of as just another message from the Self, can become a trustworthy guide in a way your ego or another person never could.

      I hope this helps. Thank you for your comments. They helped me clarify my own thoughts and questions.

      Sweet dreams,


      1. Hmm, it feels like my daydreaming may have entered your dream state … all the while our muses were chatting away! I believe this is possible. Well now, you’ve certainly convinced me to explore our joint dreams together, which I’ve never done before … especially those in which we both appear. I’ll look into the work of Jeremy Taylor.

        I have a sixth sense that it’ll be a mutually rich experience for both … so thank you very much for suggesting this marital practice and explaining the fruitful benefits of doing so! And I agree, those on the same wavelength as us don’t have to be close family members only to tune into each other or even be in the same time zone either.

  2. Dear Jeanie, i hope this doesn’t come up as a duplicate comment. I responded on my Ipad but it seemed not to go through. So, I’m on my lap top.

    The first thought that popped up in my head as I was reading your post is a story I heard some years ago. It may have been a story that Wilhelm told Jung. I’m not going to look it up; I think I once put it up on a blog post of mine. It goes something like this –

    A ling time ago and very far away, people were very anxious and fractious about the severe drought that was affecting them and their animals. They were fighting with each other. They’d made libations left right and centre but the rains were nowhere in sight. Someone suggested they call upon a old man, maybe a peacemaker. The old man came and went into a hut that was some way away from the village. He asked not to be disturbed. There he stayed for several days, never coming out, leaving untouched the food and water that was left outside his hut. One day he left and the rains came. Someone ran after him and asked him, how did this miracle come about. What did you do? I did nothing he said. I sat in silence while all about me there was chaos.

    It reminds me of the nuns and monks who pray and meditate and reach that zero point field even if only momentarily which offsets significantly the negative energy.

    I have on occasion when I’ve met someone in real life or online who seems to be antagonistic towards me, and I’ve wondered if it’s my projection. If I reckon it’s not my projection, I send them love bombs which seems to help diffuse the antagonism. So yes, I do believe that we each influence the other and can do so for the better. We can light a candle for someone in distress or ill and have intention in doing that. We can surround that person with love and light in our mind and heart.

    Thank you for this thought provoking, affirming and very interesting post Jeanie.

    1. Hi Susan,

      I have heard that story but had forgotten about it. Thank you for sharing it here. It’s a perfect example of what it means to reach Zero Point.

      I love your “love bombs.” Since I joined the social media universe ten years ago, I have occasionally heard from people for whom it seemed very important to argue and prove their points in adversarial ways. I’m unwilling to engage in either/or, right/wrong polarizing arguments. I guess you could say I’m conflict averse. But I also just don’t want to hurt anyone by taking offense, being abrupt or impatient with them, or saying something unfair or unkind. So I always try to establish a point of connection in a middle space where we can agree and share viewpoints without battling over territory.

      In all this time there have only been about six people like this, and only three of them were unwilling or unable to meet me in that place. Perhaps they couldn’t see and remove their projections from me. Perhaps the wall of resistance built from scars of their personal wounds prevented them from reaching through in friendship. Perhaps, having received so little respect and kindness in their early years, they are mistrustful or scornful.

      I don’t know. I just know there are so many hurting, terribly wounded people who desperately need to be seen and loved but don’t’ know how to give and receive it. I also know how difficult it is to surround people like that with love and light in our minds and hearts. I don’t always succeed, but like you, I believe I must keep trying.

      Perhaps a critical mass of humanity will never be able to arrive at that Zero Point of loving union. I cling to the hope and belief that someday we will; someday I will.

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