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Welcome to the fourth day of my blog tour.  So far it’s been a very interesting experience. We’ve had an especially stimulating  conversation on Feminism and Religion, with many different viewpoints expressed.  I’ve learned a lot about the kinds of issues that the women who follow that blog are concerned about. Primary among them is social justice and equity for women. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link. 
Don’t forget to stop by my website and register for the giveaway.  There’s still time but it will end Friday night.  You can click here to check it out.
Today, Thursday, April 11,  I’ll be a guest blogger at Betty Healey’s blog, Road Signs.  The title of my post is The Value of Understanding Your Dark and Bright Shadows.  It’s a combination of two of my most popular posts here at Matrignosis. Betty’s very interested in making peace with herself and likes to give her readers helpful information so I thought they might enjoy learning about the shadow.  Click here for the link. Here’s the address in case there’s a glitch in the system and you can’t find it:
I hope you enjoyed my guest post at Depth Psychology List yesterday.  If you haven’t stopped by yet, click here to find it. The title is Tending the Creative Fire.
Many thanks to those of you who’ve been following along and commenting.  See you tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Jeanie, I love the fact that you write and share so much from the heart! Thank you for an extra generous helping this week of nourishing spirit, knowledge, love, jung and more wisdom – all to be found within your ‘blog tour’….and there’s more tomorrow! Thanks for mentioning those comments on the FAR blog as I might of missed them otherwise. Blessings, Deborah.

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