A Good Christian


Well, somehow I messed up and published two copies of the same post at two different stages of writing and with two different titles!  “A Good Christian” was the earlier title, then I changed it to “Religion From the Head.” That was meant to be the only post. So I’ve erased the text of this version but am leaving the title here as I’ve already received two comments on it and can’t figure out how to move them to the end of the correct post!  No doubt the trickster is having a good laugh at me this morning!  Jeanie

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  1. , “A central means of traveling toward the religious function is the ability to hold the opposites, both-and instead of either.” Thank you Jean. Much appreciated. My somewhat similar path has been (and is) long, messy, a tad lonely – and seemingly without much real joy. However….I hope to be on this Jungian path to ??? for the rest of my life

    1. You’re welcome, Catherine. The individuation journey, also called the journey into wholeness, is, indeed, a lonely, lifelong way, but in my experience, loneliness has been a small price to pay for the rewards of increasing freedom, self-knowledge, consciousness, and the joy of following my bliss, my true calling of writing. My best to you as you discover more of your true, human self. Jeanie

  2. Beautifully written Jean. I have been living the journey of movement towards the religious or spiritual function, holding the holy marriage of those two opposites as my beacon in the dark. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, and greetings to a fellow traveler. I’ve known since I began reading your wonderful blog, Through a Jungian Lens, that you were on the same journey. If you haven’t checked out the more recent version of this post, (which was meant to be the only on….I messed up), you might enjoy the brief video I’ve posted there. Jeanie

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