Recurring Dreams About the Persona


Recurring dreams can be especially effective teachers. They describe important inner truths that require your attention. Once you recognize these aspects of your unknown self and can see their impact on your waking life, recurring dreams lose their value and disappear.
If a recurring dream makes you anxious or afraid, it’s usually about shadow qualities your ego would rather not face or painful experiences you want to forget. If it brings pleasure, joy, or awe it’s probably about progress in your journey of self-discovery. Either way, the purpose of a recurring dream is to bring insights that lead to a healthier, more fulfilling life.
For example, the “naked in public” dream shows how comfortable you are with revealing the naked truth about yourself. Feeling embarrassed and ashamed in the dream usually means you have recently exposed an aspect of yourself you wish you hadn’t. Conversely, being unconcerned suggests you’ve accepted a previously disowned quality and no longer care who sees it.
The common dream of teeth falling out usually pertains to waking life situations in which you’re afraid you’ve created a bad impression and believe you’re “losing face.” After all, having a strong set of choppers lets you “sink your teeth” into something and demonstrates your bulldog strength, determination and persistence. This dream tells you you’re concerned about losing power and appearing weak, impotent, or unconfident.
Dreams about our public personalities are persona dreams. We start wearing masks in childhood when we realize people are watching and judging us. A wounded soul might create a very withdrawn or rigidly controlled persona, or one that changes like a chameleon, or one that is always performing to impress or please.  These are disguises born of the need to shield the core Self from public view. A healthy persona has the flexibility to respond in a variety of ways appropriate to each situation without betraying the Self. Thus, we can sometimes be the teacher and at other times the learner; sometimes a curmudgeon, sometimes a clown; sometimes a sage and sometimes a fool. What truly matters about our persona is not how well it shapes the perceptions we want others to have of us, but how openly and authentically it reflects the truths of the soul beneath.
As a child I was relaxed and confident around others, but after my father died I grew fearful and painfully self-conscious. One recurring persona dream I still occasionally have is of pulling gooey, grainy gunk out of my mouth and trying to dispose of it without anyone noticing, but no matter how much I remove there’s always more.  This depicts an exaggerated concern about offending or annoying people with something that comes out of me. In another dream I haven’t had in years I’d be searching through a closet for something  to wear (clothes are common symbols of the persona) and be thrilled to discover an article of clothing I had forgotten I owned. This said that in my search for ways to enhance my public personality I had happily brought a disowned or forgotten quality into consciousness. 
Recurring persona dreams indicate unresolved issues about our public personality. With reflection we can connect these dreams to recent waking life situations. This awareness empowers us to be easier on ourselves and more relaxed and genuine with others so that our soul’s light can shine through for all to see.

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  1. Present state of spiritual development the spirit can
    leave the mortal frame. / Thus seeking those whom
    they believe in having wronged them. However they
    are limited in power where cause some fear to their
    believed wrongdoers. I say the believed wrongdoer
    because people *rarely* blame themselves for such
    wrongs done / The reality in tending blame another.
    Tis best ones caring in their (lifes) where do good
    as best can. One having a vengeful spirit seek one
    out is not recommened. If in having wronged many
    where sleep be disturbed by a roomful of vengeful
    spirits /ones living then turning into a dire situation.
    Humans have barly scratched the surfice of their
    spiritual powers their understanding experience
    as yet not past first few words of introduction to
    the Book of Life. As there good as bad / people
    there are good as downright evil / bad / spirits.
    Mortal wars are naught in comparison to that of
    spiritual wars the forces of good against evil the
    forces of light over darkness / LOVE over HATE.

  2. Thank you, Mickey. I’m so glad you found this helpful. It took me years to figure all this out, especially when it came to understanding how my dreams related to my waking life personality. But it all seems so clear now. Dream images are brilliant metaphors for emotions, so I just had to see through the eyes of metaphor and listen through the ears of feeling. It was a whole new language for me, but one well worth learning.

  3. If the dream image of pulling gunk out of my mouth were in one of my dreams, I’d interpret it as there being something I’d like to say that I feel I can’t. My discomfort with offending others is part of my inhibition, but so is my feeling that the pool of “gunk” is endless. Can I ever get it all out? Since, as Jeremy Taylor likes to say, dreams come in the interest of health and wholeness, I wouldn’t have had this dream if I weren’t getting close to the place where I am strong enough to release the gunk.
    A very interesting post!

    1. Thank you, Carla. I completely agree. This has been a big issue with me for many years, but I think I’m finally beginning to get over it. I haven’t had this particular dream in quite some time! Thanks so much for your comment. Jeanie

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