Remyth Your Story: Integrate Your Feminine and Masculine Archetypes with Heart

Our family and social groups condition us from childhood to hold certain beliefs and attitudes about gender differences. Unawareness of the influence of archetypes traditionally associated with the feminine and masculine principles impedes our ability to live authentic, meaningful lives based on the truths of our hearts.

We can recognize the difference between archetypes and stereotypes, and between inherent archetypes and personal archetypal images, by reflecting on our dreams, emotions, instincts, attitudes, and numinous experiences. Evolving self-awareness leads us away from dependence on the collective and into our personal authority. Fortified by self-acceptance, self-love, and personal meaning, we are empowered to change our life story and follow our hearts to fulfilling work and loving relationships.


Jul 30 2023


Pacific Standard Time
10:20 am - 11:50 am

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Pacifica Graduate Institute


Pacifica Graduate Institute
249 Lambert Rd, Carpinteria, CA 93013


The Fates and Grace Mythologium Conference
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