Because the Earth Has a Lot to Tell us


Jerusalem in 1933

Last time I told you about the documentary I was interviewed for while in San Francisco. A few days ago Jeff Williams, the producer, sent out this newsletter. He’s also a geologist, and the subject of the documentary. He’s been on a hero’s journey for 20 years, following his passion as a result of a synchronicity that changed the direction of his life.

His goal is to see if he can find evidence of the earthquake around 30 AD which the Bible links to the crucifixion of Jesus on the weekend of what Christians now call Easter. He’s not doing this for religious reasons, but because he and Marco, the director, are fascinated about what the symbolic meaning of this would be from a scientific and mythical perspective. As you’ll see from his letter, the tentative title of the documentary is “Crucifixion Quake.” He’s got some exciting news to report. Enjoy!

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Image credit:  Jerusalem in 1933. Wikimedia Commons


Because the Earth has a Lot to Tell Us 

July 2018

Greetings Fellow Earthlings,

The first set of radiocarbon tests are now complete – thanks to Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Dr. Maarten Blaauw. I am  working on interpreting the results – creating something known as an age-depth profile. This will help me be certain that we are sampling the top of the ~30 AD Jerusalem Quake seismite. With this seismite conclusively identified, we can initiate our pollen study to determine whether this earthquake struck in the Spring. The radiocarbon testing cost a little over $5000.00 USD and was funded by Kickstarter and GoFundMe campaigns. I want to thank everybody who contributed ! I also want to thank Maarten Blaauw who is giving me a sizable academic discount and is collaborating on developing the age-depth profile. Maarten is one of the best scientists in the world on this topic and I am lucky to have him as a collaborator. The additional dates from this round of tests resolved a problem I had in correctly identifying the Jerusalem Quake seismite. I needed more data points and your contributions made that happen. I can’t thank you enough.

In other news, documentary filmmaker Marco Bazzi is more than halfway through the editing process for his documentary on the Jerusalem Quake. The film is tentatively titled “Crucifixion Quake”. The piece looks very good so far – compelling, epic, and poetic. It will be feature length and was shot to standards to allow for a theatrical release. Marco will be showing the film at film festivals starting this fall and he and I both will be talking to distributors. Once Marco has a teaser, I will send a link in a future newsletter. If the film is successful, we hope to follow-up with a documentary on the Geomythology of Exodus.

Warm Regards to everyone,    Jefferson Williams

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Jean,
    I have to say that I am completely baffled by any attempts to link the biblical stories with scientific evidence . While I understand that people enjoy the fascination of their own individual quests, linking evidence of an earthquake with the crucifixion seems entirely irrelevant other than as a personal folly . The world is full of fascination without the need to find 2000 year old geological links. If we want to hear what the earth has to tell us , there are much more immediate ways of achieving this. I suppose I have to understand that we all have different quests. Perhaps someone can explain to me what is really going on here.
    Ah well such is life !
    Best Wishes

  2. Hi Gary,
    I would say that one person’s folly can be another person’s reason for living. The outer world is, indeed, full of fascination, as is every individual’s inner one. Who’s to say which one should have priority in a person’s life? Jeff is passionate about what he’s doing and it’s profoundly meaningful to him. Is there any other reason he should have to justify it? There are no doubt many people who think my inner quest for self-knowledge is self-absorbed folly, but I see it as the most valuable thing I can do with my life. And as to there being a more immediate way of knowing what the earth has to tell us, what is more immediate than one’s own personal experience?
    Logos–logic and reason–is not the only language with which we humans think and perceive the world. We also have mythos, the capacity for entertaining and exploring and being awed by mystery. Moreover, there is some underlying level at which the two join and work together. A scientific analogy would be quantum physics, in which serious scientists have found many instances of Schrodinger’s famous ‘spooky action at a distance,’ a seemingly ‘paranormal’ phenomenon like synchronicity which cannot be explained by any known physical law, yet must have some physical explanation we simply don’t understand yet.
    I don’t know all the reasons and facts for Jeff’s quest, but I’m excited for him and look forward to seeing what comes of it.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi again, Gary,
      A friend who is a researcher into Jungian psychology just posted this link after my post appeared on LinkedIn. It’s a comment by Jung about a woman who was having a psychological experience that didn’t appear to make logical sense. It points to the mystery of the psyche, and the physical cosmos it reflects. Perhaps you’ll find it interesting.

  3. Hi Jean, a long time ago I read about the earthquake as Jesus died on the cross and at the time I looked it up. I learned that there is in fact scientific evidence – carbon dating or radio-carbon dating and such like. There were a few other earthquakes if my memory serves me right at different places around the world. I’ll check out Jeff’s link in a moment or so, but in the meantime I wish him well in his quest. Someone said it, Jung maybe but effectively, follow your folly …

    1. Hahahaha. Follow your folly! Perfect. We writers so love alliteration…. Thanks, Susan. I haven’t researched this myself because my role is to bring a Jungian perspective to this mission. I always appreciate your thoughtful observations.

  4. This is fascinating, Jeanie. I hope there are captions once the documentary comes out. I wonder what will be found. I’d never heard these theories, so now I know of the possibility. It’s not my passion to know, but I still find it interesting.

    1. Awww. I don’t know if they’ll have captions. Probably not. But maybe there’ll be a script somewhere…..If there is, I’ll get you a copy. That’s not my particular passion either, but I liked the questions they posed to me, and enjoyed thinking of the answers. It is definitely an interesting project.

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