A New Idea of Who We Are: Part II


Unknown-1In Part I of this series I asked (1)What would a new idea of Who We Are look like? and (2)What difference could it make to our world crisis if enough of us become coherent [united] in a new idea of who we are?  

To answer these questions I summarized findings from recent research in quantum physics as reported in the first half of The Field, by Lynne Mactaggart. Here’s my summary of the remainder of the book.

  1. The images and intentions of others can influence our dreams. McTaggart, p. 126

  2. Ordinary humans have the ability to influence other living things on many levels:  muscle activity, motor activity, cellular changes, nervous system activity. The influence seems to increase depending on how much it matters to the influencer, and how much s/he can relate to the object of influence. p. 133

  3. Several common characteristics to experiments in remote influence tended to more readily guarantee success:  relaxation techniques (through meditation, biofeedback or other methods); reduced sensory input or physical activity;  dreams or other internal states and feelings; and a reliance on right-brain functioning. p. 134

  4. When the left brain is quieted and the right brain predominates, ordinary people can tap into a “deep well of alert receptivity” which brings a state of unity with the single object being focused upon.  p. 134

  5. When two people ‘relax’ and attempt to establish some kind of deep connection, their brain patterns become highly synchronized, and the most ordered brain pattern always prevails, nudging the less organized recipient toward a greater degree of order. p. 137

  6. Children are open to far more information in The Field than the average adult. p. 138

  7. Unknown-1Our natural state of being is a relationship—a constant state of one influencing the other.” Just as the subatomic particles that compose us cannot be separated from the space and particles surrounding them, so living beings cannot be isolated from each other.” p. 138

  8.  Tests conducted by the behaviorist Dr. William Broud suggested that a “living system of greater coherence could exchange information and create or restore coherence in a disordered, random or chaotic system.  The natural set of the living world appeared to be order—a drive toward greater coherence…. By the act of observation and intention, we have the ability to extend a kind of super-radiance to the world.”  pp. 138-9

  9. Many of humankind’s greatest achievements may result from an individual suddenly gaining access to a shared accumulation of information—a collective effort in the Zero Point Field—in what we consider a moment of inspiration.  What we call ‘genius’ may simply be a greater ability to access the Zero Point Field.  In that sense, our intelligence, creativity and imagination are not locked in our brains but exist as an interaction with the Field.” p. 139

  10. “…healing through intention is available to ordinary people, although the healers may be more experienced or naturally talented in tapping into the Field.” p. 193-4

  11. Illness could be a disturbance in the quantum fluctuations of an individual and healing might be a matter of reprogramming individual quantum fluctuations to operate more coherently.  Illness could be isolation:  a lack of connection with the collective health of The Field and the community. p. 194

  12. Consciousness may live on after we die. p. 195

  13. Group consciousness, working through a medium such as the zero Point Field, may be acting as the universal organizing factor in the cosmos.

Unknown-3In summary, McTaggart writes:

“We have far more  power than we realized, to heal ourselves, our loved ones, even our communities.  Each of us had the ability—and together a great collective power—to improve our lot in life. Our life, in every sense, was in our hands.” p. 226

Next time: some implications for how we can help make a difference in the world. I invite you to add your thoughts.

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  1. Thanks Jeannie, an inspiring post. I have no doubt of the morphic field (Sheldrake & others), and the reality of it. I’m reminded of Lyall Watson for the moment, one of his first books: ‘Super Nature’ and many others. He’s no longer alive; South African born biologist who has written of invisible communications between species and also across species. Trees –
    I also remember from years back the experiments and the value and success of those with cancer, to imagine healthy cells engaging in combat with diseased cells and the diseased cells going into recession while the immune system continues to strengthen –
    Yes! to that organising principle! I’m looking forward to the next post.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thanks for the mention of Lyall Watson. Don’t know him but will check him out. I’m in a mountainous place surrounded by a forest and close to a bold stream and am very, very aware of the powerful difference in mood and feeling-tone between this place and Florida. I don’t know if it’s just me or “invisible communications between species and also across species,” but whatever it is, it’s extraordinarily soothing and peaceful.
      I’ve also read a bit about the healing power of visualizing, enough to remain open and hopeful about our ability to harness our untapped powers in ways that will promote the common good.
      I’ve started the next post on the implications this kind of research has for what we can each do for the world crisis and will include a few comments from readers; I hope you won’t mind that I’ve included one of yours. I appreciate your thoughts 🙂

  2. Hi Jeannie, I picked up a random notebook last evening dashing out to a meeting. I’ve been looking at this afternoon. …Nov 2000. Re Religion and Science: 2 windows looking out at the same universe. Each has a different view, but it is the same universe. Both views are ‘correct’ and valid but they are incomplete and one-sided. Each leaves out important aspect/s i.e. the other. Normally I note sources but this not –

    1. “Two windows looking out at the same universe.” Wish I’d said that! I’ll remember that. Thank you, Susan, for the quote, and for another validating synchronicity.

  3. Thanks again. I haven’t read the book and can only respond to your quotes and summaries. For me, some (not all) of the points make it the fault of the individual if she/he is not healed.There is this messy thing we call karma to explain the unexplainable mess of being human, the part of destiny that always remains unconscious and mysterious.
    I get the idea or a world where we have power to heal and change, but sometimes it isn’t possible to salvage an individual situation with the best of healers and helpers such as the Dalai Lama, dream sessions with Robert Bosnak, every available alternative healing modality, and the best specialists in the world. Everyone and everything has an expiration date and sometimes death seems to be the true path of healing. This is true of individuals and also of civilizations. I hope for cultural and personal healing the way I imagine it and want it but also feel that in the Kali Yuga (with the apt Hindu symbol of an elephant standing on one leg), healing may mean something I don’t understand.
    Despite what may seem a pessimistic view, I’m working in local politics and on environmental issues, protecting my oak forest from being cut in the future, and doing all I can to promote personal and cultural healing. Holding the opposites with some discomfort…

    1. Yes, I hear you. During the first half of my life it felt like my religion was saying that all I had to do was believe certain things and do certain things, and all would be well. Which, of course, meant that if I wasn’t happy, or had problems or accidents or difficult hurdles or illnesses, it must be all my fault because I wasn’t believing the right things or practicing the right things or following the right authorities. Such a simplistic view of life’s complexities; such a cruel and punishing god-image of retribution to shape one’s self-image and life; such a sad load of guilt and failure to lay on so many innocent and trusting believers; such an arrogant and judgmental attitude toward the suffering and failures that all of us experience throughout our lives.
      As you say, the hopeful new theories arising from research in quantum physics can also bring up that same old conditioned attitude, the same sense of inadequacy, futility, self-blame and hopelessness that infects all of us at certain times of life. And of course, our genetic/biological inheritances, early-life experiences, basic personality orientations and physical health can contribute to this as well. And nobody is immune to the ravages of age.
      There are some things that no amount of self-discipline, self-knowledge, will-power, determination, intention, study, practice, social service, prayer, kindness, spirituality, creative work, positive thinking, self-acceptance and consciousness can heal or change. Yet, as you and I know full well at this Crone phase of our lives, all of these things (and others) can ease our suffering and bring more hope, acceptance, and peace. And yes, we can find comfort in “holding these opposites” consciously, in trying to live our lives authentically with care, kindness and love.

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