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Earlier this month on March 10, my darling child, Matrignosis, turned four years old.  As it has been with my human children, so it has been with Matrignosis in many ways: Pouring my passion into her and learning more about myself as she’s grown has been one of the greatest privileges and pleasures of my life.  Indeed, the overwhelming maternal feelings I have for her and what she’s taught me are reflected in the name I gave her:  matri (Lat. Mother), and gnosis (Gk. knowledge).
Yet, as she has developed through my creative outpourings, Matrignosis has been not only Child, but also Maiden, Mother and Crone to me.  All are part of the life cycle of women and the Sacred Feminine in whatever guise we see her: Goddess, Sophia, Anima, Soul, Yin, Mother Nature, Durga, Kali, the drive for species-preservation…..
As Child she represents my youthful innocence—all the instinctual feeling, vulnerability, wonder and openness I once had and to which I am returning, this time with awareness. (See Dreams of the Divine Child.)
As Maiden she is my dreaming Princess who lives in the questions and tolerates the tension between immaturity and maturity, ignorance and knowing, waiting for a kiss to guide her next steps in the dance. (See The Golden Bear.)
As Mother and Queen she has willingly embraced the otherness of masculinity.  In so doing, she has suffered the loss of innocence, established the boundaries of her identity, struggled to assume her sovereignty, and celebrated the birth of fresh, hopeful new life.  (See The Queen: Lioness of the Psyche)
As a Crone who is slowly and lovingly being stripped of youth’s illusions, she is opening to the mystery of Death while blessing the beauty and wisdom of her body,  experiences, and each fleeting moment of her miraculous life.  (See A Dream of Crones  and Crone Love.)
Matrignosis contains all these qualities and more, as do I. She also reflects my Shadow, the parts of me that are ignorant, self-centered, proud, stubborn, judgmental, defensive, unforgiving.  In some posts I’ve shared my flaws. In others I’ve withheld them. And sometimes they’ve snuck through the cracks in my Persona without my awareness, just as my Shadow sometimes erupts in my behavior.  That’s what Shadows do and I’m okay with that. There’s no human being so transparent that light passes through without casting a shadow.
Yet I am not just a physical body with a flawed personality.  I’m also an evolving soul with a sincere passion for self-knowledge, a deep love for Spirit, and a powerful desire to pass along what I have learned.  As such, Matrignosis is as much a testament to my soul’s healthy truths and accomplishments as to my ego’s unhealed wounds.
The combination of both is what makes me human.  My willingness to take my soul seriously enough to face and admit to both is what makes me heroic.  The same is true of you and every soul who suffers the shame of ignorance, who is appalled when your Shadow overrules reason and good intentions, who enters the struggle for understanding because you want learn how to love and help other suffering souls.  You. Are. Heroic!
And so in conclusion to this celebration of Matrignosis’s fourth birthday, I’d like to say that of all the good things she has brought into my life over the past four years, the courage to claim my soul’s heroism and let its light shine without apology or fear of judgment brings the most satisfaction.
Thank you for reading and sharing your truths here.  It means the world to me to have created this in-between space where heroic souls can meet.
Mother/Queen and Father/King
Mother/Queen and Father/King


This is for you, Tony.  Did you ever know you are my hero?
Healing the Sacred Divide can be found at Amazon and Larson Publications, Inc.  Ebook versions of The Bridge to Wholeness and Dream Theatres of the Soul are at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and Diesel Ebooks 
Art: Debutante, by Helen Scobel Raffa. 
Art: Wisdom Lady by C. Victor Posing. Used with permission.

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  1. Happy Fourth birthday MG! And an everyday re-birth-day Jeanie. And the deepest thank you for shining your light, for revealing part of my way. Your humanity and love is inspiring.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jeanie. Thank you for the work you are doing and the message that it carries. In reading this post, I resonate with you and your words touch me deeply, especially: “My willingness to take my soul seriously enough to face and admit to both is what makes me heroic.” I believe when the student is ready, the teacher will come … and I’m ready. It was our Marion Woodman that introduced me many years ago to the concept of “Holding The Tension of Opposites” … which I mention because I experience it as much of an important part of your work as mine. To our continuing connection, Blessings, Lee

    1. Thank you, Lee. Yes, we are on the same path of healing separations and reconciling opposites, and Marion has been the best of guides. I think it behooves those of us who have learned from her and others like her to light the path as best we can. I’m thrilled to know that Matrignosis has been such a light for you! To our continuing connection, Jeanie

  3. Thanks for sharing with us. Our journeys make us who we are. Thank you for making me think more clearly
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    1. It’s lovely to hear from you, Joan, and especially nice to know Matrignosis is helping you clarify your thoughts about the inner journey! Thanks for writing. Blessings, Jeanie

  4. Thank you, Jeanie, for bringing your ‘Child’ into the world for us to en-joy and play with. And for all the aspects of the Divine Feminine (as well as the Divine Masculine) that are contained within the ‘seed’ of this Divine Child, Matrignosis, that have bloomed so brightly over the past four years. I look forward to continuing to build a relationship with all aspects of ‘Her’ and you, my special cyber sister. Heart, Jenna

    1. Thank you, sweet Jenna. Knowing how much you enjoy playing with children, I hereby proclaim you honorary aunt of Ms Matrignosis! Yes, she does contain the Divine Masculine as well as the Divine Feminine, and seems to be integrating them a bit more every year! I can’t wait to see what she’ll look like at 16! I get the same pleasure from thinking about building our relationship with you, dear friend. Blessings, Jeanie

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