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jeanie&WilburTo follow up on my dream from last time, I just wanted you to know that I’m back from the Wilbur awards banquet and all went well!  I didn’t forget anything, my luggage didn’t get lost, my hair cooperated, and my dress was just right!!   The program, which included clips and readings from the winning pieces, was fascinating. Oprah won awards for two extraordinary shows,  and other winners were CNN, CBS, the Huffington Post, and the Christian Science Monitor.  I had a lovely talk with prolific author Richard Paul Evans who won a Wilbur for his fiction book, A Winter’s Dream, and plan to check it out. The RCC is a marvelous organization and you can see all the award winners on this link to the event.  Thank you again to the RCC.  Winning this award is a true honor.
I’ll be doing something different on Matrignosis this week. For the last few weeks I’ve been preparing guest posts for five different blogs for a week-long virtual blog tour. One new post will appear on a different blog each week day starting today.  They should be published by 8:00 AM (U.S. Eastern Standard Time). After that they’ll remain in the archives.
Instead of my usual two posts a week I’ll be publishing a brief post here each day, Monday through Friday, to notify you of the blog, guest post title, and link to that day’s post. If, for some reason, the link I give you is confusing or incorrect, please check back. I’ll add the correct link as soon as I have it.
One reason for this tour is to introduce new people to my work. It’ll be interesting to see how different audiences respond to it. I hope you’ll feel free to add comments of your own, and I’ll check in frequently to reply. A second reason is to introduce my readers to new blogs and writers with similar interests, so I hope you’ll linger for a while and check out their offerings. This is a marvelous opportunity to spread the kinds of ideas you and I are interested in and grow the kinds of internet communities to which we’d like to belong.
As a special thank-you to all who read Matrignosis, I’m offering a give-away at my website at  You’ll find an explanation and description of the “prizes” there!
I’ll be back at the usual times next week. Meanwhile, enjoy!
Today, Monday, April 8, 2013, I’ll be appearing at Jung at Heart, hosted by Cheryl Fuller.
The title of my post is Leaping Into the Void. Click here for the link.
Here’s the address to her blog  in case there’s a glitch and you can’t find it with the other link:

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  1. Hi Jean, I read your guest post and loved it – so uplifting, how wonderful to be living from the heart! It reminded me of a book I read recently by Eoin McCabe called ‘Open: How living from the heart changed everything’. Hearing others’ experiences and finding out about connecting with your own authenticity is a great gift – thank you : )

    1. Hi Roberta. I haven’t heard of McCabe’s book. It sounds like something I’d love! Thank you for the tip and for letting me know you liked this post. Living from the heart really does change everything. Jeanie

  2. Hi Jeanie, that’s a lovely picture of you radiating pure joy! Congratulations on receiving the Wilbur award. I loved your book ‘Healing the Sacred Divide’ and have recommended it to everyone I know. Looking forward to this week’s blog tour! I bless the day I found your blog – such a treasure trove! 🙂

  3. Thank you, Deborah! Yes, I was feeling pretty good! How kind you are to recommend Healing the Sacred Divide to others! Thank you for sharing your treasures of warmth, appreciation, and generous-spiritedness here. I’m glad you found my blog too! Blessings, Jeanie

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