For the Crones


The powers most capable of halting the escalation of hatred and chaos are not political.  They are psychological and spiritual. These powers are activated in individuals whose minds are committed to seeking justice for all, whose hearts are filled with caring and compassion, and whose behavior is directed toward connecting and healing. When everything we say and do originates from that core of love, it spreads through Indra’s diamond net and quickens the sacred spark that lives in every soul. Each of us can make this contribution to healing the separations within and between the peoples of the world.
Throughout history mothers and grandmothers have dedicated most of their energy, and often their lives, to nurturing and preserving life. Of course, many fathers and grandfathers have done the same. But women’s contributions have been educationally, financially, politically and spiritually restricted, vastly underrated, and largely taken for granted except for occasional lip service.
It doesn’t have to be this way. In a world splitting apart to birth a more evolved consciousness, the most important work we can do is to consciously respect and courageously share the blessings we’ve received from the other side of the Divide.  To that end I offer these questions for reflection: “How have my female ancestors enriched and improved my life?  Am I as caring toward others as the benevolent women in my life were and are to me? How can I use my unique skills in original and authentic ways that will justify their belief in me and benefit all beings?”
One of my responses to these questions is this song to the elder women who’ve made a difference in my life.  I dedicate it to crones everywhere.


To the Queens:

Sovereign and brave, you stand firm against those who would abuse power

and labor tirelessly to bring justice to the voiceless and downtrodden.

You protect all that is vulnerable and foster culture and creativity.

You nourish seeds of hope and new life in our hearts.

Help me lead with caring and integrity.

To the Mothers:

Wild and free-spirited, you have raced the wind like Horse.

Like Lioness you have fearlessly forged new trails to feed your children.

Like Bear you bear your solitude by boldly entering the dark winter wilderness,

yet you always return to the world in Spring with love honed fierce by sacrifice and birthing.

Great Mother of all that exists, teach us to love our bodies and trust the cycles of our lives.

To the Wisewomen:

Understanding, intuitive and trusting, you have aided birth and befriended death.

You have borne and survived intolerable suffering on paths of deep descending;

yet, aware, authentic, and free, here you are! Still dancing among the living.

You release your attachments to desire as you weave strands of meaning.

Show me how to joyfully participate in the sorrows of the world.

To the Beloveds:

Attractive and magnetic, you receive your lovers passionately

and share the truths of your souls with honesty and intimacy.

Your acceptance and encouragement inspire heroic striving.

Your beauty and endless generosity inspire artful living.

Bless me with gracious hospitality to otherness.

To all the Crones:

You are the Wisdom Women.

We are watching you.

Please help!

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      1. You’re so welcome! I thought it was perfect timing, especially as I and those who follow my spiritual path or a similar path prepare for the sacred time of Samhain in which we honor the ancestors and the wizened Crone and the wisdom She has to impart on those who will listen. I really enjoy Jung’s work and find it fascinating to read what Jungian analysts have to write and share. 🙂

  1. Jeannie-
    I am enjoying your book, Healing the Sacred Divide.
    Your topics flow. The depth of your research is astounding. Your writing style communicates. I put you right up there on the level of “Joseph Cambell” for your ability to pierce through the veil and get to the heart of the matter.
    For me, it is the awakening to the fact that my life is a spiritual journey to “vibrate UP!”
    Thank you. I am so glad I met you in 2005.
    PS, I have just recently begun to “remember” my dreams. I don’t know much, but I do know that paying attention to my dreams has already helped me figure some things out, take a deep breath and move more with the flow of that loving “Universe” some call God.

    1. Cindy, Thank you. I consider it a great privilege to have had a role in your psycho-spiritual awakening. I’m so glad we met too! Good luck with your dreamwork. To learn the language of your dreams is to access the deepest recesses of your soul where your portion of the loving “Universe” dwells! Love, Jeanie

      1. Dear Daughter RavynStar. My WordPress format won’t allow me to comment directly beneath your latest comment above, so it’s here instead. I just want to say that I love the synchronicity of publishing a post about the Crone at the same time that your spiritual tradition honors her. I had no idea! Just more proof for me that the soul connects and communicates with other souls in ways that transcend ordinary perception! May we continue to learn from one another in that reality, if not in this one. Blessings, Jeanie

  2. Dear Jean,
    I cannot begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed this post. I have read it so many times and each time, it bypasses my head and goes straight to my heart. It doesn’t get much better than that. Your words comfort and teach me in so many ways.
    After I read your poetic song to the elder women, “The Young Women and Men Address the Crones,” I was staring at the body of words and started seeing the image of an arrowhead created by the word placement. Yes, what other than an ancient symbol like this to give form to your prayer to those women that came before us.
    Joyce Tenneson’s book, Wise Women, whose cover is included in your post is never far from me. Its pages filled with incredible, unadorned images of “real” women telling their stories with their photographic presence.
    Reverencing the wisdom of the women who came before us, much change can take place. I hope to follow your lead and be one of those women who can be a reflection of the Wisdom Women. Thank you for your dedication to the Journey. It is truly inspiring. <3

    1. Dear bklynjane,
      I’m deeply moved by your comments. To know that I’ve touched your heart and brought comfort is profoundly gratifying. I am, indeed, dedicated to the journey and will still be on the path with my last breath, simply because it is my calling and my passion, but to reach and inspire others along the way is the reason I write about it, and the source of my greatest joy. Thank you. With blessings, Jeanie

  3. Wow! Another wonderful post. I can’t seem to get enough! Jean, I’m so grateful that I came across your blog. Thank you for sharing your passion to help humanity.

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