Easter to the Soul


One of the oldest recorded myths comes from Sumeria and tells the story of Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. After a period of growing, assuming her authority, working to bless the world with the gifts of civilization, courting, marrying, birthing and mothering, Inanna descends to the underworld to visit her sister Ereshkigal, its Queen. On the way down she is stripped one by one of all her earthly possessions: symbols of her beauty, success, femininity and the power she has worked so hard to attain. At the bottom she is met by Ereshkigal who has her hung naked on a meat hook. And there she hangs. But on the third day, with the help of her loyal priestess, Ninshubur, and Enki, the God of Culture, she’s rescued and returns to life in the world above.

This is an allegory of a universal truth. Like all great myths, which are stories about our relationships with the gods, it does not have to be factually true on the outside but is always true on the inside, the domain of the soul. The truth is, whether or not we all agree on the meaning, names or details, this story is relevant to every soul.

Physically, it’s about the seasonal Death/Rebirth cycles of vegetation and fertility. Psychologically, Joseph Campbell saw it as a metaphor for the soul’s empowerment and evolving consciousness via the descent into the unconscious, the experience of powerlessness, and the realization of our strength through facing our disowned shadow qualities. Spiritually, it’s about the universal longing for salvation and redemption through divine revelation and intervention.

To the ego it sometimes feels crucial that we get the facts right, possess the “correct” interpretation — especially the religious one — and reject the “wrong” one. But to the soul, these details are beside the point. To your soul and mine, this story is a celebration of the sacred miracle of life, and all three interpretations are equally true.

Every soul is grateful for the sun which brings warmth and light to our days so plants can grow and we can learn and improve and do the hard work that brings meaning and comfort to our lives. We’re all glad when each productive day is followed by a cooler, softer, moonlit night when we can rest, enjoy our loved ones, rejuvenate our bodies and spirits.

Our souls appreciate the exquisite balance of seasons whose alternating cycles likewise bring times of arising, thriving, descending, and dying. And every soul celebrates when the ego dies to its ignorance and meanness and awakens to its nobility in a miraculous new season of enlightened forgiveness, gratitude and compassion.

Above all, our souls know our ego selves did not make any of this happen. Something far greater, some Sacred Mystery over which we have no control, some benevolent, boundless, timeless Otherness set the processes of life in motion and keeps them working. And when we set apart times like this to stop and think about it, we remember that we are blessed beyond measure to participate in this miracle.

In this season of rebirth and renewal I send my blessings to all celebrators everywhere of the miracle of life.

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  1. Beautifully done, Jeanie, particularly the last three paragraphs.
    The paragraph beginning, “Above all…” is sublime. The rhythm and pace is song like and spiritual.

  2. For all faiths, for all peoples, this is a profound and beautifully expressed message, illuminating those numinous powers and processes, which lie beyond the rational.
    Thank you Jeanie. Have a joyful Easter.

  3. This is a soul-enlivening post, Jeanie! It expresses for people of many faiths the beliefs the upsurge of new life and energy that happens during this season after the dormant, underground days of winter.

  4. Thank you, Jenna. I’m happy to hear your soul was enlivened with my post. It is that time of year, isn’t it…..? Happy Easter.

  5. You always manage to “say” what I “know”. Thank you again for expressing so simply and eloquently a mystery of faith to which all can ascribe.

  6. Thank you, Helen Hay. What a lovely compliment. I’m so glad I was able to give voice to your spiritual knowing. And I treasure the friendship of a sister who understands that her soul’s way of knowing always and above all honors the knowing of every other soul regardless of the ego’s opinions!

  7. This is very close to my heart. Almost as though I stumbled across my inner truths being written by someone else. 🙂 I think that’s why it’s always so easy to find those ‘truths’ because they are those words and feelings which keep popping up, time and time again, in prose, in music and in the world around us. You have a wonderful gift for bringing thoughts to tangible words. I’m glad I came across your blog.

    1. Nicely said, Terra Spirit. “Keep popping up…in prose, in music, and the world around us.” I’m constantly amazed at how linked I am by words, events, music and so much that surrounds me. Random occurrences? I think not. It was the Catholic theologian and scholar, St. Augustine who said, “We are as one, in all our joys and sufferings we are of each other.” No truer words may ever have been spoken.

      1. Hi there, Charlie. I couldn’t agree more with you both that we are all intimately linked with each other and everything, and that such synchronicities as you mention are proof of it. These words from Mother Julian of Norwich in response to a vision address the reason for this: “we are in God and God whom we do not see is in us. We are of God. That is what we are. I saw no difference between God and our Substance but as if it were all God.”

  8. A warm welcome to my blog, Terra Spirit. I’m glad you came across it too! I very much appreciate the kind words and am delighted to know that you saw and heard your inner thoughts in my words today. It’s so affirming to both of us when this happens. I hope it happens again. Often.

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