Breaking Through to the One Thing


“What is the [survival] value of the feminine within men? The masculine within women?” asked author and Spirit Warrior  William Horden after reading  a recent post.  Here’s my best answer for now.
Consider these examples from Nature:  single-celled organisms and many plants and fungi reproduce all by themselves. Even some invertebrates and less advanced vertebrates such as amphibians and reptiles do not need a male parent. In the absence of males female turkeys can produce fertile eggs, and there are two known cases in which female sharks, raised in captivity without males, produced offspring genetically identical to their mothers.
The more advanced, multicellular and sentient forms of life, however, require two parents. Biologists think sexual reproduction may create more genetic diversity which helps organisms adapt to changing environments. Thus, life on Earth evolves from simple to complex, vulnerability to strength, self-preservation to species-preservation, and, most relevant to our question, unconscious to conscious. And the single most important factor influencing this direction is mutual cooperation between complementary pairs.
There is an inherent connection between the evolution of Nature and the evolution of Mind, or Spirit.  An ancient mystical saying says it this way, “As above, so below.” The original text reads, “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.”  This means there is some unifying Plan, Intention, Mind, Source, Force, Ground of Being or One Thing whose laws govern both the metaphysical and physical universes. It also means the One thing needs both halves to accomplish its miracle. And what is the miracle?  Creating new, ever more complex and conscious life.
The Above half, Spirit (mind and consciousness), usually has been equated with “masculine” and the Below half, Matter (the body and the unconscious) with “feminine” which has led to damaging stereotypes. But these terms are not about gender roles or sexuality. They refer to the two modes of energy the creative drive takes everywhere, whether Above or Below. The ultimate reality is that if life is to continue to evolve in accordance with the Plan, or One Thing, there must be cooperation between masculinity and femininity at all levels: Above and Below, without and within, consciously and unconsciously, spiritually and psychologically.
Psychologically, we associate each half of the creative drive with specific qualities and locate them all in the Self.  As long as our egos are unaware or unaccepting of large portions of either half, we cannot fulfill our basic purpose or experience our greatest joy: to create.  But when we recognize that every quality we associate with masculinity and femininity indwells us, we break through the shell of dualistic thinking. The scales drop from our eyes, our creative potential is released, and we experience a blissful sense of oneness with the ultimate creative force: the One Thing. In alchemy, this enlightened state was known as the hieros gamos or Sacred Marriage.  (Next time I’ll share a dream about it.)
William concluded that, “… [the] sole purpose [of men having a feminine side and women having a masculine side] is individual well-being. It fulfills us to be able to incorporate our own opposite-complement.” Yes it does.  Why? Because this is how we unite the Above and Below and claim our divine inheritance.  Thanks for the inspiration for this post, William.  Thanks also to RamOsinghal for his reminders that all is divine.
You can find Healing the Sacred Divide here at and at Larson Publications, Inc.

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  1. Jeanie,
    The Taoists called it “uniting heaven and earth”.
    They considered it something that could only be achieved within a “true person”.
    May we each take your message of enlightened integration to heart, become true persons, and become the very site of the union of spirit and matter.
    We are, after all, the children of just that marriage…..
    All The Best,

  2. William,
    Beautifully said. And from a true person.
    My hope is that if we can see the big truths like this one and realize they’re the same for every soul, we’ll stop quibbling about the little differences in the words, images and stories we use to convey them. At bottom it’s about celebrating the miracle of love and life; we are all, indeed, the children of that marriage.

  3. Jeanie: How do you advise healing a wounded masculine energy in a female and a wounded feminine energy in a male? Annette

  4. That’s a great question, Annette. In trying to answer it I realize I need more space than I have here, so I’ve decided to use it as a theme for an upcoming post. It should be published soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Nature favors the feminine. The Y chromosome can repair itself. The X chromosome can not, it needs the Y chromosome. We start with two Y chromosomes and the male later develops the Y chromosome. Perhaps this is one reason patriarchy is so afraid of the feminine psyche. If the world knew the power of the feminine patriarchy would not rule.

    1. Hi Jerry,
      I didn’t know about the physical factors underlying the amazing power and strength of women, but I’ve always intuited it. I agree that men probably sense this at a very deep level, and that this is why women, and the feminine sides of all of us, have been repressed for so long. My hope is that once people really understand that a whole, conscious psyche can tap intothe psychological aspects of feminine and masculine power, we won’t be so hung up about gender because everyone will be encouraged to tap into all their potential, no matter what gender it’s traditionally been associated with. I can dream, can’t I? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Jean,
    I believe there must have been ancient sages, someone in the nature of the Buddha, who also intuited the physical factors. Once this was known by the patriarchal hierarchy, the threat of the feminine power was repressed, denied and denigrated. I like you, hope that the time will come where it is understood that the only way to wholeness is by integrating and balancing the feminine with the masculine. That would be a wonderful dream come true indeed.

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