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It’s been 16 years since Dream Theatres of the Soul was published. I am not the same person I was then, nor do I work with my dreams in exactly the same ways. But I still yearn for self-knowledge, and draining the cup of a dream is still the best way I know to satisfy my thirst!
What is this compulsion all about? Can I bear the truth? Can you? Well then, here it is: at bottom it is about being a vulnerable animal poised on the precipice of consciousness, filled with primal apprehension and eager to ease the anxiety of self-awareness. For this moment I am alive, but death and oblivion surround me. I hear them coming now.
What thoughts and images will remind me that no matter what happens I am good enough and all shall be well? What sparks of meaning will keep the tiny candle of my soul lit so I can bear the burden of knowing I am alive without surrendering to darkness and despair? What insights will reduce my inner discord and activate my creativity so that I can experience eternity by being lost in joy? I find answers to these and many other questions in my dreams. My thirst is the curse of consciousness, Eve’s gift to the universe, and quenching it with dreamwork beats Gatorade or wine.
Simply put, I seek Truth and dreams are maps to the mother lode of Mystery.
Like every explorer who discovers precious treasures, I enjoy sharing my findings with others. The ideal setting for dream sharing is small groups. Over time dream groups become sacred containers that facilitate positive change because of the unusually high levels of trust, safety, honesty, and mutual respect that are established.
But while I love teaching small groups and adore my students, the medium that truly satisfies my soul is writing. This presents me with an impossible problem. If I dare to do the same thing in writing that I do with my students, I will be laying open my soul to anyone who wishes to cut it into tiny pieces and have it for lunch. Even if I could be assured of the good will of readers, the written word inhibits the organic interplay of questions and ideas between mentor and mentee that leads to clarification and deeper understanding. And if, despite all my misgivings, I take this risk and pin down my living dreams into printed words, like so many dead butterflies on a display board, how do I avoid the traps of self-revelation: banality, self-importance, self-deprecation, a little varnishing of the truth here and there?
Yet, I write about my dreams. Maybe my Writer’s need for expression is greater than my Wisewoman’s sense. Or maybe my Warrior can’t resist the challenge. Whatever the reason, I’m determined to do what I must do the best way I can.  And what I must do is strengthen my psychological awareness, spiritual meaning, and connectedness, and keep sharing what I have learned in the hope of helping others do the same.

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  1. Jean,
    For the ancients of Mexico, the height of their Lifeway was expressed in the philosophy called “Flower-And-Song.”
    By “Flower” they meant the ability to perceive that everything is perfect as a flower, yet passing before our eyes. This boils down to grasping the emotional reality that everything I know and love is both perfect as it is and already dying. To be a warrior meant the ability to hold these two profound emotions in the heart-mind at the same time.
    By “Song” they meant that the only types of self-expression that really matter are those that give expression to the subjective experience of the “Flower”.
    It’s so nice to see a modern-day practitioner of the ancient art of Flower And Song!!
    Looking Forward,

    1. William,
      Thank you for your thoughtful response. Flower-And-Song is such a poetic distillation of a concept I struggle to convey in writing. “Living in the Now” and “consciousness” come close, but as abstractions they lack the emotional impact of these lovely images. I won’t forget them.

  2. Hi Jeannie,
    Keep blogging! Your words fall like pebbles in the pond and the ripple effect is amazing! I think that you must be speaking to/for many of us and I encourage you to continue.

    1. Helen,
      Thank you so much for the wonderfully encouraging words. It’s very good to communicate with others who believe that whether written, spoken, or sung (as in William’s “Song” above), this is the type of self-expression that really matters.
      As for continuing to blog, stay tumed; I’m going to try to post more often.

  3. Jean,
    This “Dream Along with Me” post is a gem. It profoundly gives voice and balance to my feelings that are both passionate about and afraid of putting myself “out there” in my creative writing.
    It has taken me a couple of months to get here after your invitation to visit your blog, but I’m thankful that I finally did!
    BTW, I too find William’s Flower-and-Song metaphor lovely and one that I will hold in my psyche as a positive reminder of living in Mindfulness.
    Warm embrace,

    1. Hi Jenna,
      Thanks so much for reading my blog, and thank you even more for commenting on it. It’s so helpful to get comments because they help me know which topics are of most interest and give me ideas for future posts.
      Yes, sharing our uniqueness through creative acts makes us terrifyingly vulnerable because it sets us apart from the herd which can be quick to judge the smallest aberration from the norm. I congratulate you for writing anyway. Speaking in your own voice takes enormous courage and signifies a major step on the journey to wholeness. Writing is an especially valuable tool to bring with us because it not only helps clarify our thinking but is so inherently affirming and self-validating that it aids continued growth. I encourage you to continue. It’s made all the difference in my life and continues to expand the Flower-and-Song lifeway in my everyday living.
      I’d love to know more about your story and the progress you’re making with your writing.
      Blessings and hugs to a sister traveler,

  4. Hi Jeanie,
    Thanks for asking about my writing process.
    I have a couple of published articles. The one I can give you the link to now is at Venture Inward Magazine: http://are-cayce.org/members/venture_inward/09102006/Table_of_Contentspdf.asp
    The VI article is about Remote Viewing and an intuitive who taught blind individuals how to use RV to get around better in the world. It’s an interesting study.
    I’m currently working on my transpersonal studies master’s thesis, or culminating project, as it is called. For my project I am writing a book about synchronicity journaling.
    I’ve been keeping a synchronicity journal since 2006 and have set up a synchronicity journaling forum with a small group of women I’ve been in circle with since 2004 – a place we can go to share our experiences of synchronicity. Now, I am in the process of distilling my formal research and my own and others experiences to put in the book.
    I love to write…have been at it forever in one form or another. I’ve been keeping various types of journals – personal , dream, morning pages, synchronicity, etc. – since I was in my early twenties (I am now 62). But writing a whole book is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do! It brings up every negative inner voice that lives within me – talk about writer’s block! My project mentor loves my proposal for the book and the first completed pages, so I will continue with the energy of her vision for now…acting “as if” it might actually be published some day.
    I’d welcome any “pointers” from you about how to stay positive and enjoy the book writing process – above and beyond hopeful thoughts of getting published and the fear of ridicule if I do! :>))

  5. I love it! I’ve never heard of anyone keeping a synchronicity journal or starting a synchonicity circle. What a fabulous, original idea! It sounds like you are a woman with unusual wisdom about the inner life. You obviously have much to contribute to our evolving consciousness.
    As to pointers about enjoying the book writing process, I would offer a couple of suggestions. First, recognize that critical inner voice as your personal Predator and give it a name. I call mine the Spiritual Bully. Whenever he shows up, I mentally talk to him, saying something like, “Okay, Buddy. I hear what you’re selling but I’m not buying. You need a new job. How about helping me follow my bliss instead of criticizing me for being human!”

    1. So sorry, Jenna. I just inadvertantly pushed the wrong button and published the above before I was finished with it! My Spiritual Bully wants to ridicule me for making such a stupid mistake, but I hear him and just told him what I just told you!!
      The other thing i wanted to say is that the way I wrote my first book about the inner life was by just following my bliss every day. I went to a location I loved, made it as beautiful and meaningful as I could, and wrote from the heart for as long as I wanted to, reveling in the process without worrying unduly about the product. It would take longer than this space allows to tell you how I arrived at the place where I could do that, but maybe just knowing it is possible to do that in the face of severe self-doubt and inner self-criticism might be helpful.
      My blessings to you on your heroic journey to discover and be true to your own voice.
      Much love,

  6. Jeanie,
    Thank you for your kind support and encouragement.
    Oh my, I am working with inner voices myself. Listening and learning from the “gang” within just where they all are leading me on and off the beaten path as I consciously work to create the life I envision at this time. I am working toward quitting my corporate job (this fall) and moving across country to Berkeley where my son and daughter live with their families. Lots of voices within are clamoring to be heard about the scary prospect of leaving a comfortable corporate marketing position (for which I no longer feel any passion) for the idea of trekking off to apply my transpersonal studies to something meaningful but nebulous at this time like writing, dream work, group work with women…
    I hope to be in that position (and have been in the past) of writing from the heart and reveling in the process as you say with no thought of the product. I really don’t want to prove anything or be in competition with anyone (corporate America has taught me that!); just want to make a simple living and live in a mindful, spiritual, and contented way at this time in my life.
    Love to you,

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