The Six C's of the Silver Queen

In the outer world of work, the Silver Queen is the most visible manifestation of healthy feminine authority. We see her in socially aware leaders and authorities of all kinds; for example, enterprising founders of innovative business practices that weaken the stranglehold of one-sided logic and linearity,

Insights From Ireland: Less Mud, More Poop!

This visit was special to me because Tuesday was my 70th birthday. And because we were staying in the Knocknarea Room at Cromleach Lodge. And because in Celtic mythology, Maeve was the Queen of the fairies and the archetype of the Sacred Feminine, the focus of this blog and my books. The synchronicities just keep coming! But wait, there’s more.

Alchemy and the Journey of Transformation

Whether we know it or not, you and I are on a journey of transformation. The same is true of our species. From the moment of our conception, natural forces of growth and change we could not see or control were in operation, heating, intensifying, distilling, softening, dissolving and transforming fixed aspects of our cells, minds and bodies. They still are.

The King and Queen at Work

In this final post in my series about the King and Queen archetypes, I’d like to share an example of someone whose psychological awareness enhanced her work life. Since I’ve known her, my friend Trish’s personality has been characterized by warmth, empathy, caring, listening, understanding, supporting, and cooperating

The Shadow King and Queen in Relationships

Our species is acquiring a broader perspective that envisions reciprocal partnerships between our masculine and feminine sides. Both intuition and experience tell us that healing the divide between these opposites will give birth to creative new ways of thinking and being that will better serve the needs of all of us. Yet with comparatively few models of the healthy Queen to emulate, we’re struggling mightily to understand and respect her.

Three: The Number of Spiritual Wholeness

At one point, when the marital struggle has reached a point of frenzy — when the full force of the joint family neurosis has hit like a bomb — all that remains is the sense of burned-outness and death. From all this darkness a new capacity for relationship emerges, hardened like a metal that has been switched time and again back and forth between the fire and the ice-cold water.

Disney Princesses

How do we account for the phenomenon of the Disney Princesses? Some see them as positive role models for their daughters, but many see them as stereotypes which are bound to scar our daughters’ minds. Why do they think this?

Dreams of Weddings

Wedding dreams mark transitions between outworn stages of growth and more mature ones. Essentially, they are metaphors about the dreamer’s readiness for greater internal unity and the birth of new psycho-spiritual life.

The “Naked” Dream

Beginning with “Gated Religions” I’ve been far more outspoken about social issues than is normal for me. One night three weeks into the series of posts about injustice I had two dreams depicting my feelings about the new direction my blog is taking. I’d like to share the first one here, partly because it contains one of the commonest dream themes of all — being naked in public — and partly because it helps me illustrate the point I made in “Under the Big Top” about what it’s like for me to try to stay conscious.