The Symbol of the Eye

…there is hope. Through the centuries the symbol of the third eye has reminded all who care to see that opening our eyes and minds to God the Mother’s symbols, qualities and presence within us and the world can connect us to the fullest wisdom available to human beings.

The Perils and Pleasures of High School Reunions

One highlight was stepping into the auditorium and being assailed with a wave of deja vu. There in front of me was a recurring image from my dreams! The same thing happened in the corridor outside the cafeteria. I hadn’t remembered what either place looked like, yet they inspired all the auditoriums and cafeterias that have shown up in my dreams since high school. How many of our issues originate in adolescent experiences we’ve completely forgotten? Quite a few, I suspect.

Why Vampires? Why Now?

Think about what vampires represent. During the day they sleep in coffins because sunlight will kill them. People with severely repressed life-energy are the same. Failure to develop one or both drives destroys our creativity and hope of enlightenment. Repression leads to depression. In the dark night of our souls we function as though dead, unable to experience the sunny warmth of meaningful work or the countless other pleasures of living, loving, being.

The Androgyne Archetype and Global Change in the Digital Age

In response to my post, Angels and E.T’s: The Androgyne Archetype, Skip Conover wrote a comment which adds so much to this discussion that I asked him if I could republish it here. Skip is the founder of the Archetype in Action Organization. He says his first thought was to teach about Jungian Archetype, but he soon realized that *we* are the archetypes.

Are We Really Growing Up At Last?

The civil rights movement came about in the 1950’s and 60’s because the Androgyne archetype, which presses us to integrate our inner opposites, is closing the gap between races. A historic bridge had already been built between the genders in 1920 when the Nineteenth Amendment gave women the right to vote.

Angels and E.T.'s: The Androgyne Archetype

Angels are a particularly intriguing manifestation of the Androgyne archetype. We see them everywhere: on television, in books and movies, on clothing, and in many personal narratives. According to most accounts angels are genderless messengers who come to point us in healing new directions. They exemplify the very best aspects of psychological and spiritual androgyny.

Taming the Beast with Inner Work

A reader writes, “When you are talking about “inner work” does that suggest that I should go see a vampire or horror movie? Throughout my life I have avoided such things because I had the idea that I didn’t need to put any of that in my mind.

Remembering the Soul's Language

One day my 5th-grade teacher asked the girls in our class to follow her to the auditorium. We had no idea why. There we joined the other girls our age, and, after a brief introduction from one of the teachers, watched a Disney-esque film about the birds and bees.