Three Billboards: The Myth and the Message

Dark, quirky, clever, and controversial, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri has been nominated for seven academy awards this year. Like “The Shape of Water,” nominated for a whopping 13, its protagonist is a powerless, justice-seeking female up against an unsympathetic patriarchal system.

What's the Point of the Three Kings?

Those of us raised as Christians know this holiday is about a lot more than rushing about, partying and shopping, and many of us enjoy warm memories and nostalgic feelings this time of year. But why are the moments of love, joy and peace so difficult to find during the holiday season? Where do the feelings of exhaustion, anxiety, disappointment and depression come from? Why do we keep missing the point of Christmas? How can we recapture it?

The Secret Meaning of Christmas

Amidst all the bustle I wonder how many of us actually experience the love, joy and peace that is the promise of Christmas or profoundly connect with its underlying psycho-spiritual meaning. And what is that meaning? To find it we need to use the symbolic language of mythos.

A Dream With Meaningful Symbols

Have you ever noticed how an ordinary symbol or image from everyday life suddenly feels significant? Perhaps it happens after a synchronicity like falling in love with a painting then finding the same image on the cover of a fascinating new book. Or maybe you have no idea why an image moves you deeply.

Whispering Symbols: Dot and Circle

Both logos and mythos contribute to our spiritual development. Children use mythos thinking automatically. This is why they respond to life with spontaneity, enthusiasm, joy and wonder. But once the “masculine” phase of external striving begins, logos and the ego tend to dominate our thinking and spirituality and life begins to lose its savor.