Nature’s Mysterious Paradox

“The God Pan is doing his work, creating mayhem and forcing us into contact with a wildness we won’t forget….Pan who brings unbridled change without discernible order or structure. Pandemic, Panic, Pandemonium. This virus.” ~ Elaine Mansfield My friend Elaine Mansfield is an author and blogger. Her latest post, “The Greek God Pan, Pandemic, & […]

A Story of Living and Dying

As you read this, I’m enjoying the company of my friend Elaine Mansfield. Many of you will recognize her name from comments she frequently makes here, or from my Facebook page. She flew down from New York to spend a few days with me before she goes on to Tampa where she’ll be presenting a workshop for a small fraction of the half million women who lose spouses each year. While she’s here, we’re planning a new workshop on grief.

What More Did I Think I Wanted?

I’ve returned to my beloved mountain valley. After five days the stillness is starting to settle in. This morning the eastern sky was red. “Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.” It will probably rain today.The sun is slow to reach the west side of the house. For now the garden is shrouded in shadows and mist.

Why Do I Write What I Write?

Then my inner environment underwent a mysterious change. It was very subtle, like a fresh wind carrying strange scents, or a curve in the river that leaves the rushing rapids behind as it empties into a tranquil blue sea. Suddenly there were fewer mountains to climb and more depths to explore.

Mythological Healing in Times of Crisis

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to my guest blogger, Elaine Mansfield. Elaine and I met about 15 years ago at the Winter Park Jung Center where her husband Vic made a presentation about his newest book. Talking over dinner afterwards, Elaine and I discovered that we had many interests in common, including dreamwork, women’s issues, and mythological studies.

The Death of Earth or the Birth of Love?

Although main-stream Mayan scholars do not believe the Mayans were predicting physical doom, others thought the world might end this day, perhaps due to an interaction with the black hole at the center of the galaxy, or Earth’s collision with a previously unknown planet. At the very least, some people prepared for wide-spread natural catastrophes that would dramatically alter our way of life.

Freeing Buried Emotions

haven’t exercised regularly this summer and am getting increasingly stiff. Today I did a lot of bending and stooping and weed-pulling in the garden around the root cellar, and soon afterwards felt the need for two Aleves! I know this isn’t unusual for my age, but I also know it’s not inevitable.