Dreams: Your Personal Treasure Trove

My dreams are my personal treasure trove. They have known me better and guided me more surely toward my true gifts than any human seer or counselor could possibly do. They have been wiser than any teacher, more valuable than material possessions, more constant than any friend, more affirming of what’s true and important to me than any compliment, mirrored reflection, or admiring glance I’ve ever received.

When Will I Be Loved?

Many of us cover them up quite well, but all of us, children and adults alike, suffer from secret wounds that make us feel unlovable. And unfortunately, the less lovable we believe we are, the less able we are to love.

Horse Crazy Part I: How to Build a Wall

Five years later my dream came true when husband bought me a white albino gelding with light blue eyes. But it was short-lived: I was pregnant within a few months and my cautious doctor warned me against riding. We sold Bamboo before my daughter was born.