What Will Be Your Legacy to the Next Generation?

You are who you are because of those who preceded you. Your grandparents shaped the personalities and lives of your parents who shaped you. The lessons they learned freed you from having to relearn them for yourself; their unresolved issues became part of your inheritance. The issues you resolve in your lifetime will free your […]

Why Is the World in Chaos?

The Epoch II ego is far too self-absorbed to notice or admit its deepest fears and it will do anything to escape them. Hence, the obsessions, addictions, and abuse of women that are the hallmark of our time.

That's Amore: A Father's Day Tribute

My friends: Last week my husband’s father died at the age of 103. He was a beautiful man who was loved by all. To honor his memory I’m sharing this post from June of 2011 which I wrote on the occasion of his hundredth birthday. Rest in peace, Dad. Thank you for bringing so much love and beauty into the lives of your family.

Conscious Parenting

I am so proud of my children: how they turned out, who they married, how well they are raising their children. Their parenting styles are different in many ways, yet both sets of children are delightful: sweet, funny, bright, good-natured, well mannered….(I could go on, of course, but I’ll spare you more grandparental gushing!) Our time together reminds me that no matter how well-prepared we may be for the role of parenting, much of how we approach this most difficult of all jobs is the result of unconscious factors over which we have no control.

Formula for a Successful Marriage

Yesterday my friend Pat sent me a link to an article in the New York Times she knew I’d like called The All-or-Nothing Marriage. It asks the question, “Are marriages today better or worse than they used to be?” Writer Eli J. Finkel writes,

Memories of Childhood Dreams

Mama got a job working nights at the hospital. She slept during the day while Daddy was at work and Jimmy was at school, so I entertained myself. I got so accustomed to being alone that once when a little girl asked me to come out and play, I wouldn’t go. She bit my hand and ran away! I couldn’t imagine what her problem was.

A Good Christian

Well, somehow I messed up and published two copies of the same post at two different stages of writing and with two different titles!  “A Good Christian” was the earlier title, then I changed it to “Religion From the Head.” That was meant to be the only post. So I’ve erased the text of this version but am leaving the title here as […]

The Shadow King and Queen in Relationships

Our species is acquiring a broader perspective that envisions reciprocal partnerships between our masculine and feminine sides. Both intuition and experience tell us that healing the divide between these opposites will give birth to creative new ways of thinking and being that will better serve the needs of all of us. Yet with comparatively few models of the healthy Queen to emulate, we’re struggling mightily to understand and respect her.

Are We Better Off Today?

In gratitude for my freedom and in the belief that every human being is entitled to equal rights, I dedicate this non-partisan Election Day post to my American grandmothers who made it possible for me to vote.  These women were social leaders who embodied the authority of the Queen archetype.  They were Mothers who were determined to create a better world for their children. […]

Questioning Religion

When I finally found the courage to write openly and honestly, I discovered to my great surprise that my progressive thinking was not only accepted, but the posts from 2011 receiving the highest number of views were almost always about religion! In fact, my Dec. 14th post titled “How’s Your God-Image Working For You?” received an all-time high of 257 views in one day!