Self-Awareness: How Does Your Ego Grow?

A primary feature of Epoch II is the ego’s preference for masculine values which gradually supplant our Epoch I condition of pure enjoyment in the Mother’s paradise of dependency and the innocent pleasures of simply being.

How Self-Aware Are You? Epoch II: Ego Consciousness

As humans gained more control over their environments, travel and communication with other tribes exposed them to other myths with different images and new symbolic meaning. Whose stories were right and whose were wrong? Which god-images and rituals were good and which were evil?

How Self-Aware Are You? Epoch I, Contd.

Call me a dreamer, but can you imagine a future when Raising Consciousness is a key plank on the platform of a presidential candidate? When the most important thing the Department of Defense defends us against is the untamed forces within the psyche?

How Self-Aware Are You? Epoch I: Physical Consciousness

Is it any wonder so many of us, like Peter Pan, continue to long for this lost world and struggle to stay young for as long as we can? In a child, this is a natural and charming way of being, but as we grow into adulthood it becomes increasingly dysfunctional.

For the Crones

Throughout history mothers and grandmothers have dedicated most of their energy, and often their lives, to nurturing and preserving life. Of course, many fathers and grandfathers have done the same. But women’s contributions have been educationally, financially, politically and spiritually restricted, vastly underrated, and largely taken for granted except for occasional lip service.