What Is Love?

Jung said of a patient that when she first came to him “…she was able to play her traditional role of the supremely wise, very grown-up, all-understanding mother-daughter-beloved—an empty role, a persona behind which her real and authentic being, her individual self, lay hidden.

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For those of you who have been wondering what’s up with yesterday’s, “post,”  please disregard it.  It was an accident.  I had been writing notes for my next post, which will come out on Tuesday, and, in a bit of a rush, I accidentally hit the “Publish” button instead of the “Save Draft” button!  I […]

Horse Crazy Part II: How to Heal the Separations

Like the woman in my dream, I grew up believing that relationships with my husband and children would fulfill me. So I gave up my passion for horses. Perhaps my friend’s passion for her family was enough.

Horse Crazy Part I: How to Build a Wall

Five years later my dream came true when husband bought me a white albino gelding with light blue eyes. But it was short-lived: I was pregnant within a few months and my cautious doctor warned me against riding. We sold Bamboo before my daughter was born.

The Game of Hide and Seek, or How to Build a Shadow

One day Miss Berry, my first grade teacher, announced that we were to have blood tests. In a few days we would go to the school nurse who would prick our fingers, squeeze out a drop of blood, apply it to a glass slide, and then we would go back to our rooms. It wouldn’t really hurt very much she said. Just a momentary pinprick. We must take these permission slips home, have them signed by our parents, then bring them back.