What Do Men Mean When They Say Women Are too Emotional?

Both genders inherit bodies that predispose them to predictable responses to certain situations and emotions, and some cultures reinforce these to stereotypical extremes. Many individuals take advantage of this for self-serving reasons, thus exacerbating the gender gap..

Falling Through: One Man's Fear of Feeling

(Note:  In keeping with my latest theme of the wounded masculine, I’m pleased to share this piece by guest blogger, Rick Belden. Rick is an author and a poet who has struggled to get in touch with his feelings throughout his adult life. As you’ll see in this post, he’s learned how to use his creative imagination to heal the wounds […]

Are Men Out of Touch With Their Feelings? If So, Why?

From an early age our egos build our identity on society’s messages about the characteristics and roles considered appropriate to our gender. We do this without knowing that we all have a masculine and feminine side. Gender wounds are the result of getting stuck in fixed ideas or lost in collective judgments about what we can and cannot be and do because of our gender.

I'm Not Going Anywhere

As some of you know, at the suggestion of my new webmaster we were planning to move Matrignosis to my new site at www.jeanraffa.com last week.  However, because of unforeseen issues that would compromise the enjoyment I’ve found here over the past three years, I’m happy to let you know I’m not going anywhere.  Those of you who subscribe will continue to be notified by […]

Happy Valentine's Day: I Love You!

Dear friends, Thanks so much for the interest you’ve shown in my latest topic of gender issues and wounds. I’ve been enjoying your comments enormously and they’ve triggered a lot of thoughts. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you. I expected to be publishing the next post in that series on Friday the 15th, […]

Gender Wounds: Feelings and Emotions

We’ve all heard people say that men are out of touch with their feelings and women are too emotional. Are these observations true or are they stereotypes? If they’re true, then why? When we try to answer these questions we face the problem of not being sure what we really mean when we use the words emotions and feelings. In my effort to raise more awareness about gender wounds, I’d like to begin by clarifying these terms.

A Call to Dialogue About Gender

Our species is between 100 and 150 thousand years old. In that time we’ve made more progress taming the instincts of carnivorous canine and feline pack animals than our own. Why are we still so territorial? So hostile toward members of our own species whose only differences from us are physical appearances and culturally- and geographically-conditioned adaptations? Episcopal priest Matthew Fox says that as a species we are extremely dangerous and our tribalism is eating us alive. What roles do gender issues play in tribalism?

A Masculine Wound: An Obsession With Winning

But recent dreams and events are making me more aware of masculine wounds. Robert Bly, one of our most eloquent voices for healthy masculinity has written, “By the time a man is 35 he knows that the images of the right man, the tough man, the true man which he received in high school do not work in life.”

To Be or Not to Be a Zombie: Part II

I’ve actively pursued self-knowledge and consciousness for 24 years. Before every leap there was always a period of confusion and questioning, and I’ve learned that tolerating the tension of this “wait time” is essential. Our choices are rarely as polarized as they seem at first glance and it takes time to find the middle ground. Guidance from the depths does require choice, but choice requires discernment!