Dream Symbols of the Beloved

The Self is our Beloved, the core energy in every psyche that compels us to grow into loveable, empowered, authentic, enlightened beings. Our egos often reject the Self’s guidance but it never gives up on us. In its aspect as Dream Mother it reveals itself in symbols and actions based on six basic attributes: wholeness, centrality, unity, love, pattern, and the life-giving force.

Sophia's Contribution to Mature Spirituality

When our behavior is motivated by an unconscious compulsion to get our way, and when we place the best interests of others secondary to this need, our relationships grow dysfunctional. When we experience and act on tender feelings and a patient willingness to respect the differences of others, our relationships heal.

The Dance of Partnership

Just as individuals experience a painful struggle between opposites in their journey to individuation, so does every dynamic, growing relationship between two individuals contain a certain amount of stress and tension. By its very nature, the essence of “two-ness” is conflict. Whenever the perfect isolation and solitude of a single soul is disturbed or influenced by the presence of another, there is bound to be tension.

Three: The Number of Spiritual Wholeness

At one point, when the marital struggle has reached a point of frenzy — when the full force of the joint family neurosis has hit like a bomb — all that remains is the sense of burned-outness and death. From all this darkness a new capacity for relationship emerges, hardened like a metal that has been switched time and again back and forth between the fire and the ice-cold water.

Two: The Number of Creative Tension

So many natural phenomena support a bipolar view of life that the number two has come to symbolize a very important reality: the opposition and conflict that initiates all development and leads to equilibrium. The creative tension of two-ness pertains to both the outer and inner life.

Dream Interview Part III: Big Dreams

Dreams that stand out from childhood are very often Big dreams. A Big dream may contain one or more of four characteristics. First, it makes a powerful emotional impact on us that is impossible to ignore. Second, a Big dream may have a numinous or sacred quality about it, filling us with awe and making us feel it might contain a special message from God.