How Love Emerges

While the plot details weren’t the same, this romantic comedy portrayed our theme and the theme of every couple in an intimate partnership. As a shockingly innocent and ignorant product of 1950’s conditioning, I was finally getting it that marriage is not a happily-ever-after instant fix involving two separate individuals whose roles and feelings will never change, but a crucible for soul-making.

Three Perspectives on Dream Symbols

My dragon dream took place in a house that felt just like the one my husband grew up in. I knew that house well as it was only a few miles from my own house. When Fred and I started dating in college I was invited there for many meals, and after our marriage it was the setting of numerous family gatherings and celebrations.

Seeing With A Different Perspective

Looking for the psychological meanings of public myths and private dreams is an extremely powerful way to train your intuition and add to your store of wisdom. You may not always like what you see, but then how many of us liked Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West?

Ruling the Inner Chamber

Dreamwork has been my most rewarding and consistent spiritual practice for 22 years. You might not think of dreams as having anything to do with spirituality but they absolutely do. Carl Jung demonstrated this with exquisite beauty in his recently published The Red Book in which he recorded some of his most meaningful waking and sleeping dreams.

The Space Odyssey of Projection: Part III

When relationships are problematic our ego finds it hard to believe that its lack of self-knowledge is part of the cause; but it is! Always! This is true whether the qualities we project onto others are negative, as in the examples from my last post, or positive. For example, the people we admire or fall in love with have certain characteristics we unconsciously associate with our ideal selves.

The Space Odyssey of Projection: Part II

So how can we discover our projections? By noticing our emotions. Anything that evokes a strong emotional response in us is related to one of our unconscious issues or complexes as Jung called them! We love who we love or hate who we hate because in them we see qualities we suspect might belong to us as well. The stronger the emotion, the more unconscious the projection. We don’t want to believe in projection because we don’t want to see the shadows lurking in our inner space.

The Space Odyssey of Projection: Part I

It is no coincidence that during the second half of the 20th century people throughout the world became fascinated with science fiction novels, television shows and films like War of the Worlds, Star Trek, Star Wars, E.T. and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Freudian and Jungian psychology were entering collective awareness in a big way during that era, and a major discovery was the reality of the unconscious self. With our growing awareness of an unknown inner universe came a parallel interest in the outer one.

Questioning Religion

When I finally found the courage to write openly and honestly, I discovered to my great surprise that my progressive thinking was not only accepted, but the posts from 2011 receiving the highest number of views were almost always about religion! In fact, my Dec. 14th post titled “How’s Your God-Image Working For You?” received an all-time high of 257 views in one day!

Animal Healers

Recently I babysat a precious golden retriever puppy for three days so my son and his wife could give her to their sons on Christmas morning. During that time she developed some “digestive” issues and by Christmas day she was in obvious distress. Was it my fault? Had she eaten a poisonous plant in our yard or swallowed something she couldn’t pass?

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog and suggested I share it with you.   So here it is.   They’ve made one mistake;  the most views I had in one day was actually 257 on December 14 for “How’s Your Religion Working For You?”  Other than that, it looks great. I am so grateful to all of […]