A Six-Step Method for Working with Dreams

If you wake up with a dream in the middle of the night, jot down a few important images and actions that will trigger your memory in the morning. As soon as you can, flesh it out in your dream journal with a full and rich description.

Healing Wounded Masculine and Feminine Energy: Part I

In response to my post, “Breaking Through to the One Thing,” Annette asked how to heal the masculine energy in women and feminine energy in men. This is a great question and a very welcome one. I’ve been wanting to deal with the “How-To’s” for a while now. So in this and the next post I’ll be presenting my “prescription” for healing and empowering the soul.

The Greatest Reward

What do the bride and groom symbolize? Maia told me she had often dreamed of this couple. She sees them as attractive, balanced, and successful. They each have work of their own they love, they’ve raised healthy, well-adjusted children, made many positive contributions to their community, and enjoy loving relationships with their family and friends.

Breaking Through to the One Thing

In the absence of males female turkeys can produce fertile eggs, and there are two known cases in which female sharks, raised in captivity without males, produced offspring genetically identical to their mothers.

Cooking Lessons

Bloggers do not dine alone. Until six months ago writing isolated me from my friends more than it connected me to them. I saw them rarely and between visits they knew virtually nothing about my work.

Relaxing at the Beach on Labor Day Weekend

I’m writing this at the table when my son comes in and announces that the baby — actually almost three now, but the youngest of our brood — just went poo poo in the potty for the second day in a row! The baby looks around expectantly. We all cheer and congratulate him.

The Role of the Animus in a Woman's Spiritual Journey

In the West we tend to think of a healthy animus as the part of us with the strength, drive, motivation, self-discipline, and courage to peel away the layers hiding the Self’s light, and we recognize him in the temptation to risk letting that light shine through until we are transparent in our uniqueness.